What you can do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a unique island where you can enjoy a variety of activities and experiences.

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Kite surfing

Zanzibar has become a top-notch destination for kite surfers and the village of Paje is THE hot spot. 

Learn or practice kite surfing in the ideal place, a stunning background, an endless blue ocean, beautiful white beaches and the best winds. Are you ready to make your suitcase and come to enjoy a kite surfing adventure in the best spot on the whole island?


The depths of the Indian Ocean hide some of the world’s most unique creatures.

Whether you are an expert diver or a beginner there is something incredible to admire for everyone.

With more than 30 dive sites it is a paradisial place for diving passionates.

Stone Town

Located on the west coast, Stone town is not only the capital of Zanzibar, it is a UNESCO protected town rich in history, culture and folklore.

Be ready to immerse yourself in a mixture of African, Indian, Arab and European cultures.

A multiethnic and multicultural city where you will have the pleasure to get lost in a maze of mosques, bazaars, restaurants,
houses, cafes and the characteristic wooden doors.

Prison Island

Just a few minutes away from Stone Town, a short boat ride will take you to a past slave prison site, today home of the Giant Aldabran Tortoise colony. 

Admire the stunning landscapes and lose your breath! Here tourists can have a refreshing escape from the capital city and enjoy white beaches and a colorful coral reef.

Blue Safari

A spectacular tour where you will have the chance to enjoy paradisiacal white, sandy
beaches and a breathtaking underwater world. 

You will travel in a typical Zanzibari boat and you will discover a wonderful coral ring and an enchanting island where you will enjoy an amazing fresh meal. Sun cream is a must!

Dolphin Tour

In the south part of the Island there is the fishing village of Kizimkazi. 

From here you can leave early in the morning with local boats to spot and swim with the dolphins, one of the most fascinating marine mammals. 

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Jozani Forest and Spice Tour

In the centre of the Island there is a nature Reserve which hosts the rare Coloobus red
monkey, an endemic species. 

You will be able to admire these beautiful animals in a majestic green area. Afterwards, you will be catapulted in the unique world of the Zanzibar spices! 

Learn everything about them and smell and taste lemongrass, papaya, vanilla and
many others!


On a Zanzibari sailing boat you will discover the bed of the Indian ocean and you will admire a multitude of colours. 

Snorkeling is always an amazing experience. 

Are you ready to find yourself immersed over a carpet of starfish, corals, seahorses and shoals of coloured fish?

Sunset Dhow Cruise

The magic of African sunsets is something that will stay impressed in your memory forever.

Just sit back and relax in a traditional Zanzibari boat. The most romantic experience you can do in the island, listen to some taarab music and taste a variety of snacks and drinks while watching the sun going down beyond the horizon.

Forodhani Night Food Market

Along the main promenade, from the Forondhani gardens you can view the most famous buildings of Stone Town. 

At sunset, these gardens turn into a street-food market, one of the best night experiences in Zanzibar. 

Here you will enjoy a variety of delicious local food.

Village Tour

This excursion will start just outside Paje White House. With a local guide you will discover the village of Paje, its traditions and history. 

You will walk along the village and meet its
inhabitants who will welcome you in their houses.

Car, bike, quad, motorbike rent

We can arrange rent of cars, scooters, quads and bikes.

Safaris in the Tanzanian National Parks

We can arrange a spectacular safari in the most important safari parks in Africa. 

With a less than two hours flight you will be in a completely different scenario. If you are a nature and animal lover or an adventure enthusiast you can’t leave Tanzania without experiencing this once in a lifetime safari. 

We can create customized trips for every guest based in her/his needs.

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